May. 13, 2020

The Sacred Place Of Immeasurable Gratitude, Peace and Grace That Belongs To You.

I hope this message finds you well, and even if it doesn’t, maybe at the end of this article it will. I had a breakthrough recently.

One of immense magnitude that revealed to me a place I’ve been searching for, for a very long time.

Now before I get into it a bit more in depthly. I would like to say that it is not a physical place, but more importantly, it’s a place that resides within you as well. Here’s how I got there my friends!!

Like most, I’ve been infatuated with the concept of achievement for most of my life. Achievement for me was truly about approval. The only issue was that because of this, fulfillment was never present for the most part.

I wondered, how much do I have to succeed before I can feel that sense of fulfillment within that I’ve been searching for most of my life? Almost instantly after I posed that question, an answer was dropped into my consciousness:

“My Dear, achievement is a hamster wheel that never ends. True fulfillment comes from the unveiling and unconditional acceptance of your true nature.”

What was my true nature? How could I find it? “Your true nature lies in the very place that it can serve you the best, within yourself.” Wow! I thought to myself. You mean to tell me the answers have been inside of me and I’m just figuring it out? Yep, pretty much! So here’s my request to you:

Cease looking outside for the immeasurable love, happiness, peace and joy that lies within your own soul…

It’s time to get you there! NOW!!!

Take a moment and just get comfortable. Whether you’d like to sit or lie down is completely up to you. The great thing about this place is that there is nothing to get right or there is no action contingent upon whether it shows up for you. It always shows up and is always there. You don’t receive this because of what you do. You receive it because of who you are. Plain and simple!

So for just a moment, unpack all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, identities and past events that have “defined” you up to this point. Those things are not your true self. For a few minutes I’m just going to have you sit and let all of that flow until the mind is tranquil.

Even if those entities decide to come back in, let them flow right back out. I’m reminded of a great quote from Mooji Baba:

“There is no need to fight what is not you. The only reason thoughts, feelings have power over us is because we identify with them. Once we identify with something, we must defend it. Identify with nothing, but your true nature!”

Flashback to your childhood, very early on. None of what you are right now was a part of you. It was not the real you. These are things you picked up along the way from an unawareness of your Divine essence.

Continue to lovingly and ease fully let it all go. What you begin to realize as this process continues is that you are and always have been “awareness.”

You have eternally been the awareness that observes all that unfolds in your life. Everything in your life unfolds before the Divine observer (aka God in you) that is your true nature.

Allow this nature to just be…If you need to just slowly repeat to yourself, “I AM…..I AM….I AM…I AM…” A calmness begins to wash over your entire being and all of the problems begin to dissipate because they don’t have what’s of the greatest importance to your existence:your attention.

You see, “I AM” reveals that you are whole, complete, connected and missing nothing.

When our deeper mind embraces this truth, all the issues of life wash away. Even when they are present, they won’t be for long as we focus on the “I AM” presence within us all.

This is the God-force that is all that is, ever was and ever will be. And it’s your sacred place that lies within you. Sit with it. Allow thoughts to flow as they please because remember, you are not your thoughts, feelings or emotions. You are much greater than that!

When you stay in this presence, or as Mooji calls it “Isness,” naturally you begin to feel immeasurable gratitude, peace and grace. If you’re wondering why, once again, it’s because the God-force lacks nothing and is infinite in every aspect of itself.

That includes you my friends! To know this essence, this true nature is to gradually release all the limits you have ever allowed into your sphere of consciousness.

As I leave you, I lovingly and graciously ask that you dwell as much as you can in this presence. By itself alone has the Divine power to transform your life in unimaginable ways. But don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself!


Rev. Shaun Grant

“Let Kindness Lead The Way.”