May. 13, 2020

Channeling Spirit: Prospering When The World’s Economy Dries Up

I remember being a child fully able to rely on my Source, that was my parents, at the time.

I never needed anything except the faith and belief that I would receive what I was asking for, because I had already made up my mind.

It took my friend in Spirit, Ohaudin, (Oh-Hyde-En) to open my eyes to see how this worked in my life. This revelation opened me up to a foolproof realization:

“Judge not by appearance, but be in right judgment. It will be done unto you as you believe it to be.” -Jesus

Jesus, the master way shower, gave us the most amazing truth for living not only through tough times, but through all times.

I consulted my guide earlier to request insight on prospering through these uncertain times. This is what Ohaudin had to say:

My Dears, Take the words of Jesus and familiarize yourself with them until they become your personal and spiritual truth. The world’s economy is not stable because it’s based on a foundation that is not eternal. God’s economy is not only unlimited, but it is in youSpirit has set it up that the inexhaustible Divine bounty and trust that is available to everyone, is inside of you.

Yes…This endless supply exists as energy within your very own being. The key that unlocks it is faith. Faith reaches into the depths of your heart, aligns itself with your body and mind, and reflects it out into the Universe. Your patience allows faith to take it’s course and bring you exactly what you need.

In order to do so my dears, you must trust that it is the Divine’s greatest joy and pleasure to give you all, not some, but all that you need and desire. Take a moment to relax within this Divine truth that is truly infallible.

“Do not be afraid, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

Dear ones, the kingdom refers to everything that the Father has. All that God has is yours. By embracing this shift in belief, you are able to watch life mirror that acceptance within your own life. What are you identifying with? What have you created a conscious connection with that could potentially be blocking your good my dears?

When we discover what holds us back, we become aware of what’s possible for us now.

Endless good, endless health, endless joy, and endless wealth and prosperity are all ready to manifest in your lives, now!

Take a moment to think about all of the times Spirit has provided for you. Go into each and every experience and submerge it in immense gratitude. Gratitude reminds us of what we already have and to celebrate it’s presence. Your good, your endless good is already here. Anything that disagrees with this truth, pay no attention to it because it does not serve you.

Spirit asks you each and every moment, “Are you agreeing with lack or abundance? Are you agreeing with fear or love?” There is limitless power in the choices that are made from these questions in each passing moment. By choosing love and abundance, you open the flow for all that you need and desire to effortlessly come into your life.

My dears, the most important thing to remember is to keep your mind rooted in Divine truth. By doing so, you remain in alignment with your endless good that is yours by Divine right and Divine selection. All you have to do is keep your faith in the power that has created everything, and everything will take care of itself…

My final words for you, my dears, is this:

“Whatever happens in your world, happens within you first…Whatever happens in your world, happens within you first.” Allow this maxim to set you free, permanently from fear, lack and limitation…

You have the power my dears, you always have…”



Rev. Shaun Grant

“Let Kindness Lead The Way.”