May. 13, 2020

Kingdom Living: It’s Time To Reclaim What So Many Have Forgotten Is Their Divine Inheritance

It’s baffling to think how many people are living in fear to this day.

Fear is a normal emotion that becomes a catalyst to remind you that you have stepped out of alignment with Divine Love.

It shows up in our lives when we are choosing to believe in our limited selves as opposed to our unlimited, eternal selves. But here is the truth:

Fear, in no way shape or form, is supposed to run your life.

I was doing my daily meditation, prayer and quiet hour when I received a revelation of great importance: “Kingdom living does not contain fear. When fear is present, you have left the kingdom that has been so perfectly prepared for you!”

If you understand what the true Kingdom of Heaven is, then you know exactly what I am talking about. If not, you may be a bit lost. So let me explain the truth behind the Kingdom of Heaven.

As the mastermind Jesus so eloquently put it, “The Kingdom of Heaven is upon us.” The most significant aspect of this statement is understanding that in order to correctly interpret it, it must be heard in “Divine truth.”Without that, we all can fall victim to missing the the valuable gift that is available to each and everyone of us.

It took me some time, but when I discovered it, it made complete sense. First of all, the kingdom of heaven is within everyone. It is that infinite, formless, peaceful place that lies in our hearts, waiting to be activated and experienced.

It knows no fear, no lack, no disease, no struggle, no hardship, only the opposite of these “world problems ” does the kingdom of heaven contain. Most important of all, it possesses the unconditional love of God. Free to be had by all who choose to receive. That’s the key! Are we choosing to live in the Kingdom??

The Coronavirus, for many, has turned the idea of God’s Kingdom into an urban myth. For years, the truth that people received weekly, sometimes daily, has succumbed to fear. I ask myself these questions as I notice the stronghold it has on so many individuals across the world…

Photo Credit (Beach Balloons)

Has the Kingdom disappeared?…. Has God gone on vacation and left the Kingdom unattended? Are we no longer allowed in the Kingdom? Has the funds of the Kingdom run dry?

No, no, no, no and absolutely NO!!!

The kingdom of Heaven cannot be obstructed by man or by force. It has never died and was never born. It is everything in and of itself, it knows all, sees all, is all, and gives all. It’s power is unmatched under any circumstances…So what, I beg to ask, is the problem?

The Kingdom of Heaven can only be present when you choose to enter the kingdom. By making the choice to live within the chambers of the Kingdom, you are revealing to yourself and to the world the greatest truth that is needed now and will be forever:

The God force in each of us is more powerful than anything…Nothing comes close! Only when you know this as your truth will it rang true for you.

So that leaves us with a life transforming choice that has consequences that will affect us in one way or another.

Choose the fear, desperation and despair that the virus has stroked in so many. Or, choose that benevolent Spirit within,

that’s already seen how the end of this will play out and is whispering in your ear telling you, “You’re winning, You are winning, You are winning!…Don’t give up, don’t give in!! Hold fast to your truth and you will be set free!!…”

The choice seems pretty easy to me…How about you?


Rev. Shaun Robert Grant

“Let Kindness Lead The Way”