Mar. 28, 2018


I've been shedding childhood emotional blocks of my own for the past year, and as I watch the changes that occur I realize that there is one common denominator that comes into play...Ok, maybe there's two! FREEDOM AND FEARLESSNESS. Two nonexpendable qualities we all need if we're going to succeed as an actor as well as life. I would like to paint a picture for you. 

You're about six years old and you are having the time of your life. You're running around like a crazy chicken (I know, right lol) laughing having a phenomenal time, touching stuff, falling down rolling in the dirt and then someone yells out: OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP IT, STOP IT STOP IT!! You suddenly pause, dropping everything, feeling as if the fear of God has penetrated your little world. In that moment, your subconscious mind registers: FEAR EVERYTHING! 

No longer are you that carefree, happy child who has a free spirit open to whatever life slings your way. You become fearful of everything. Life no longer has it's zest. All of the magic it once had is gone. As you begin to grow older, you become cautious of everything because all that you can think about is that loud STOP you heard all those years ago. You cancel that meeting with the agent who you really wanted to sign with because you're afraid that you might not be good enough. You cancel the audition because you feel like, "it's not important, maybe next time." You let industry people abuse your dignity because you're fearful that they'll take a gig away from you or give you a bad name...So the question you might be wondering is, WHAT HAPPENED?

Here's what happened, a childhood program has been running your life and zapping your inner essence that helps you to see the excitement in the uncertainty as well as love in every situation. You're always asking yourself, what if, what if, what if?

If you're feeling this way or experiencing this, then you are alot like me. I became so fearful of life that it absolutely sickened me to the highest degree. As a child, I was yelled at by every authority figure imaginable. It created an apprehension within me that caused me to pause with fear in my life when most people would act. I couldn't figure it out, but I knew something had to change. Why was I so afraid? Why was I always imagining the worse? I asked myself this question numerous times. And then one day on an afternoon walk in nature, it was revealed.

We're a product of our environment until we feel old enough or rather strong enough to change that. The only problem is that, if there are subconscious blocks, it stops you from reclaiming that power to transform things. Now it's time to take back the power that is rightfully yours.

Take a long good look at your life. Is it muddled by "caution?" Do you tend to stop when you're about to fly off the ledge where impending joy lies beneath? Do you find as an actor, you're following the program that millions of others have, the program that brings no enthusiasm, joy or thrills? If you are, that's completely fine. But now it's time to discover the real you!

Use meditation and introspection to find where these programs may have started. Once you discover them, start the releasing process, but more importantly start to live your life again as that carefree child who went 1000 miles per hour getting into any and everything, finding joy at every turn. This is your birthright, seize it every chance you get!




Shaun Grant