Mar. 27, 2018


Our society tends to look down on feeling upset, frustrated or disappointed. But what are these times in our careers and lives truly trying to tell us? What diamond is trying to be revealed through life’s hardship of coal? Before I get into that, I would like to share a few stories that prove the point that I know will make some of the hardest times in your career, the most beneficial.


After all the hoopla in Grease and a few other notable roles, did you know that John Travolta almost quit acting?  I remember him saying that it had been a while since he booked something that he really wanted to do and he was ready to give it up. In fact, he actually did give it up. Only to soon after receive a call from Quentin Tarantino to do Pulp Fiction.


Do you know who Gabriel Mann is? He is most notably known for his perfection of tech-billionaire, “Nolan Ross” in ABC’S Revenge. Revenge ran for four seasons from 2011-2015. Before Mann booked the biggest role of his life, he had been acting for a very long time. He was hired for numerous jobs as a principal actor and had some success by all standards. But something was missing. He still hadn’t seemed to land that job that would solidify his career. He decided that if something wasn’t going to happen soon, he was going to hang it up and get a regular job. So he did his best in his audition for revenge and went on his way. Booking a TV show as a regular cast member is often a lengthy process for actors. The network wants to be sure that they’re getting it right, so they take their time to do so. Gabriel Mann was ready to move back east, when out of the blue it seemed, he received a call saying that he had been cast as Nolan Ross.


Two stories, one huge lesson. When you look at both of these instances it involved two actors who had basically felt like they had given it all they had, were likely exhausted and wanted to give up. But, the truth of the matter was, they weren’t giving up, they were LETTING GO! This is the lesson all performers need to not only learn, but embody. Physically we can only do so much before we have to take a step back and let go to allow the universe to bring us exactly what we’ve worked for, some of us for most of our lives. If you have the desire, that is proof that it is meant to be realized. You just have to stay the course. Once you’ve stayed the course and done all that you can do, let go, and let the outcome be what it is meant to be. It will always work out in your favor.




Shaun Grant