Mar. 26, 2018


We've all been a victim of it at one time or another. We've felt that we needed the approval of parents, teachers, friends and other authority figures. We tend to hinge our self-image on whether or not these people approved of what we did. If you took the same path that I did, then you likely faced some adversity, especially if the road chosen involved something completely out of the box. From there I begin with, oh how much I love the arts!


I've never been the kind of individual who would take a standard job for a guaranteed paycheck. This above all else felt like a spiritual cop out. Why? Because on the inside, I knew in my heart it wasn't supposed to be this way. It just wasn't. So for a while, I followed orders like a good little soldier seeking that validation from any outside source that would give it. I realized that it was pure desperation as I continually denied the awesome divine that wanted to rage out and sprinkle the world with immense creativity.


I just couldn't do it anymore....Something needed to change, and something needed to change quickly. What in the world was I going to do? The first thing I did was go within. Introspection has always been a handy spiritual tool when I needed a transformation. I must admit, diving into the unconscious is a lot like looking for a ghost. You better be ready to face the fear of the moment when you find what you've been looking for. But that's exactly what I did. After a short amount of time, I had found the answer I had been looking for:


If it wasn't from my mother, it was from my teachers, the nuns at school, the priests, the deacons, the police, etc. etc.....I had been doing it all backwards. In the western hemisphere, we are often taught to relinquish our power to anything externally, but as I studied deeper into spirituality, it has shown me that every answer I need is within me. Because I am an unlimited, conscious divine being having a human experience.


So the guidance I received was, FOLLOW YOUR NATURAL CREATIVE EXPRESSION, NOT THE APPROVAL OF OTHERS. People will only give you their own opinions and if you are tied to that, you will quit all things that spark enthusiasm within you. You will be unable to trust what is always right, and that is your heart. All that matters is what your heart truly tells you. You should allow it to sing it's truth as loud as you possibly can. Don't hold back at all.


It's now time to live by your own standards and the only approval that matters....And that's the approval of God. Guess what, you already have it! The moment you got the idea, the moment you decided to act upon it, it came with unconditional love, joy and excitement that you would bring it to it's full manifestation.

In what way can you express yourself freely today? That can be just about anything. Writing, acting, speaking, painting, drawing, starting a business, anything! Now is your time to move from approval to creative expression.




Shaun Grant