Sep. 14, 2017


We've all been there at one point or another. We look up and realize that we're not exactly where we think we should be at the moment. The key word is "THINK." I know what it feels like to put so much energy into something and not receive anything in return, or to sit and wonder what went wrong. You may have heard the story before from me, but in 2009 I booked one job: A video with Ne-Yo for Disney's The Frog and the Princess. I spent more money on classes, headshots, breakdowns and workshops that year, and I just couldn't believe that nothing was coming of it. Then a glaring realization struck me like a bolt of lightning. Before I get into that, I want to explain something to you.


There is a universal law called, THE LAW OF GESTATION. In as many words, this law states that every thought, word or action is a seed. At the right time, (divine time) this seed will sprout into a harvest. The truth is, we're completely unaware of when this harvest will sprout. BUT! IT WILL SPROUT! YOU JUST HAVE TO TRUST AND HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, AND ALL THAT YOU'VE DONE. Getting back to that lightning bolt of realization, at the end of that year I realized that everything takes time to grow, especially when it's of great magnitude. So I needed to be patient with myself and the corresponding circumstances. It was at that point that I got excited because I knew that all of the classes, all of the auditions, all of the marketing, all of the workshops and courses was energy that was getting ready to transform into the success and fulfillment that I was seeking. Once again, I just had to be patient.

Fast forward to 2010, three feature films, a stunt gig and three commercials later, I realized that all of the work in 2009 wasn't wasted. IT WAS TRANSFORMED!! You may be waking up day after day, wondering why you're going to this audition or why you're taking this meeting. Some of you may have been at this for five or ten years with nothing really to show for it. But don't get discouraged, because your harvest time is coming. Your success is awaiting the right time to sprout up in your life and it won't be a millisecond late. Take a moment right now to think about all that you've done. NOW GET HAPPY! GET EXCITED! You are priming yourself for some serious fulfillment in the entertainment industry. The sooner you experience joy about where you are in your acting career, the greater you'll start to feel about what's inevitably possible for you. 

I leave you with one of the greatest quotes I've ever come across from Keanu Reeves' character,  Neo, in the Matrix. "NOTHING EVER REALLY DIES, IT'S ONLY TRANSFORMED." This lets us know the most important thing for any of us embarking upon this acting journey, ALL OF OUR THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS ARE LEADING US TO A PLACE WHERE WE CAN FEEL HAPPY, FULFILLED AND ACCOMPLISHED AS ACTORS. With that being said, every step you take, every move you make is leading you to somewhere you can be proud of right now!



Shaun Grant