Jun. 29, 2017


Acting is not the easiest profession to pursue, but yet it is one of the most fulfilling. No one can truly explain what it feels like to be sent an email, or receive that phone call that you’ve been casted. I’m getting chills just thinking about it. But you know the one thing that could kill the potentiality of all that greatness being realized? NEGATIVITY. Yep, negativity is the shovel that can bury dreams forever.


It doesn’t have to be this way, at all. As performers, we know how important being positive and having a high vibration is to our progress, so we should not accept anything else other than that. I’ve seen more negativity in my life than I can account for, so I want to share with you what to look out for so you can do one or two things: PAY NO ATTENTION TO IT or REFLECT POSITIVE VIBES BACK ONTO IT.


One of the few things you’ll come against is the whole  “CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM” thing. I’ll let you know now, most people don’t know what that is. You can tell how happy someone is with their life by how they criticize people or things. I remember my first television audition about 11 years ago. I can honestly tell you I didn’t do well at all. Couple that with sensitivity and the need to want to be a great actor, I was extremely fragile. Well, it didn’t help when the casting director sent out a reaming review of my audition to my agent. I had tears in my eyes because it went from constructive to personal. After I gathered myself, I made a promise that I would never stand for that or be the bearer of it in any case.  My coach at the time looked at the same audition, after requesting the tape, and left me feeling inspired by pointing out all of the negative things, but backing them with positive reinforcement. Needless to say, I booked the next three gigs I auditioned for. So what was the difference here? One person knew how to criticize constructively and the other was allowing their feelings to get in the way of their professionalism which allowed negativity to shine through.


In another case, I joined a group on Facebook a while back where people showed their work for feedback and the negative comments were unleashed left and right. I thought to myself, this isn’t the right way to do things, at all. I created a post filled with words congratulating those that had been willing to put themselves out there in order to grow, and commended them for their courage and endurance of all the hatred thrown their way. Then, I left the group.


Here’s what I’m really saying. Uplift your fellow actor and actress! In anyway that you can, find a way to inspire them to be their best. This not only helps our careers, it helps our world. We all have it within us. We all have the ability to be phenomenal actors as well as teachers with a wealth of uplifting info to share to those who run the same race we do everyday. I challenge and encourage you today, and everyday, to make the actor/actress you come into contact with motivated to be greater. Inject with them encouragement, inject with them positivity and potentially, inject new life into their career. As actors, I urge you to WAGE A WAR ON NEGATIVITY!




Shaun Grant