Jun. 21, 2017


One of the greatest things about life is it's unpredictability. But, if we're not prepared to respond in a way that will serve our development, we can easily get wrapped up in a labyrinth of confusion and suffering....But you know what? IT NEVER HAS TO BE THAT WAY, AND here's how you can make it a reality.

Bruce Lee once taught us to be like water. Be shapeless, be formless and move with the flow of all things. In this flow, you will find the greatest peace. I would like to draw your attention to something much similar, and it's called BEING PLANTLIKE. When we think about plants most of us see them as nature's decoration to beautify our earth, as well as givers of unlimited oxygen. But, if we look closer, plants are one of the greatest teachers of how to live life to the fullest.

Plants teach us that if we are ever going to grow and evolve into our highest potential, our foundational roots have to be the strongest. It's not the branches on the outside that count, but the roots' ability to absorb everything that will help it grow. Speaking of branches, plants know when to prune parts of itself away when it's not SERVING IT'S GREATER PURPOSE! This is one of the greatest lessons any of us can ever learn. When people, jobs, relationships, places or anything that doesn't serve our highest good, think of how a tree lets it's branch go with LOVE.

Last but not least, plants understand how to adapt to the seasons. They understand time to go inward, time to harvest, time to weather the storms, and when it's time to blossom. When we first moved into our home a few years back, we planted a few seeds out back. On most days, for quiet time, we spent hours watching them evolve. When it rained, they stood firm, when it was hot, they stood firm, when it was cold or windy, they would bend but wouldn't break.

From that moment on, I realized that if I modeled the course of my life after plants I would always be in a position to prosper and grow the way my soul desired. Same goes for everyone else. When you decide to be plantlike, you'll be deciding to be generous and someone whose able to grow in all circumstances. Embrace a species that have been here since the beginning of time and always appear to understand what's most important to all of us...THE FLOW OF LIFE!



Shaun Grant