Apr. 1, 2017


We often overlook, as a society, how important our emotional well being is to living a fulfilling life. Heck! Let's just call a spade a spade and realize that you can't live a great life without it. I've come to that point in my life where I've decided to face the emotions I've held down deep for a long time. Thankfully, I didn't explode like a ticking time bomb. But, the beauty in this purging was all the wonderful things that were produced from it. My marriage has been truly amazing since I met my wife six years ago. We've lived an amazing life together and have continued to grow. It's been, without a doubt, a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Throughout our marriage though, there were times where I felt emotionally empty, even almost depressed. The trouble was, I couldn't pin point what was actually causing this vibration. Me being the strong willed person that I am, I combated these emotions with powerful self motivating talk. Even at times pounding myself on the chest to get out of the funk. Often this would work wonders, but after a short period of time, I was physically drained. My wife recognized it alot and the last thing I wanted to be was A BURDEN ON ANYONE ELSE. This was the biggest problem to my emotional freedom.


Growing up in a family with three brothers had it's phenomenal moments and it's challenging moments. Sometimes the challenging times can be so powerful that those are the ones that leave a lasting mark on our evolution. My experience was no different. I watched my two older brothers grow up in an environment where we often had to fear for our lives because of the violence the city (New Orleans) saw over the years. This in itself created a deep fear of anything you couldn't get a handle on. On top of that there was so much pressure to succeed and stay upright that alot of kids just couldn't take it. They turned to crime, drugs, sadly, some even were caught up in the labyrinth of violence. At a young age, you can't really process the toll this takes on you. As I watch more and more of my mom's stress escalate, I knew I had to take it on myself not to ever be a problem. Even if it meant keeping things inwardly and not expressing them. Often times I would do something amazing, I couldn't find myself to celebrate it whatsoever. I carried this on into my adulthood, once again, never being able to enjoy the things that were unfolding before my eyes. Or rather, in the midst of some of the most amazing experiences, I could feel a deep sadness. It wasn't until my wife finally figured out was transpiring, life was truly miserable at times. I'm excited to share with you what has helped me enjoy my life on an abundant level.

We were walking the beach in Paradise Cove, and we stopped and started talking. She told me, I feel like your energy is sad what's causing it? Is it something I did? After I told her it had nothing to do with her, a light bulb went off. She made me promise that I would communicate all that I was feeling. When I tell you it was complete EMOTIONAL LIBERATION! To be able to express myself and not fear being judged for what I was truly feeling was the therapeutic joy I had been wanting for so many years. I could immediately feel that burdensome energy lifting off of me. For years, I had always tried to be the hero who didn't cause trouble, who didn't express weakness or who didn't release how he truly felt. It was as if I had received a second lot on life. No longer am I sad or depressed, or carrying around my childhood issues.

The key for me and for everyone to emotional freedom is in COMMUNICATION. When you can honestly communicate your innermost feelings, you move that emotional cloud of stress, anxiety and sadness. Whether it's your wife, husband, mother, father, friends or siblings, EXPRESS YOUR DEEPEST FEELINGS. This is most true for men because we are taught to be super strong and powerful, but not vulnerable and swimming in our own sensitivity. This is often the result of men becoming abusers of all kind. We must limit this perspective in all of our children from a young age. Part of being a human being is fulfilling the masculine and feminine parts of your soul. Stop at nothing to get this done. Not only you, but your loved ones will profit greatly from your journey.

In the end, everything we need to experience emotional freedom, lies within ourselves. If we can find a way to communicate the depths of our emotional experiences, on the other side lies a magnitude of bliss, peace and joy. CHOOSE TO BE FREE!




Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment