Mar. 28, 2017


One of the craziest things I’ve come to realize, lately in my life, is how prominent judgment was used in my upbringing. It became so inundated in my existence that it soon just became a way of life. But as I began to embark upon a spiritual quest to consistent soul evolution, something stood out like a soar thumb. That something was the unlimited amount of peace, joy, clarity and happiness we experience by living in a nonjudgmental way. To be more specific, I would like to show you what happens when you judge someone.

Let’s say I bring you to a place that has ten doors with prizes behind each of them. You go to open one door and you notice that what’s behind it is something you either “do not like” or something you’re unfamiliar with. Immediately you begin to judge it. As you’re judging door number one, you decide that you’re not going to even open the others. If you only knew that behind door number seven was the prize that could change your life, you would have kept going. But, you allowed the past to dictate your present and future and you missed out on your opportunity. This metaphor is a clear depiction of what happens when we judge. We limit the options that God (Universe) is offering us. I used a message similar to this to never allow my past to get in the way of what my present could bring into my existence. The result has always been new, exciting as well as invigorating experiences. Always stay open to what your higher self could be possibly bringing into your life to make it more fulfilling.

One of the first ways to living in a nonjudgmental way is unconditional acceptance. That means whatever comes your way, accept it. You don’t always have to agree with it, but when you accept it you can flow with your circumstances a lot easier. Another thing acceptance does is cancel out resistance. If you want to get rid of stress, turmoil and frustration, refuse to resist anything. Resistance is the quickest way to find yourself running in emotional circles. Anything that occurs, ask yourself: What’s the lesson in this situation? Once you gain an understanding, move on and continue to live in the moment. Speaking of living in the moment, the last concept of nonjudgmental living is mindfulness.

Mindfulness, next to love, becomes the most pivotal action to take against judgment. Why? Well, judgment is always based on past conditioning. If you view every moment as new, that fresh perspective will always give you something to enjoy or learn from. It’s just that simple! Never leave the present moment and you will effortlessly live the most fulfilling life you could ever imagine.

There’s always a choice when it comes to judgment. If you choose to live in a nonjudgmental way, it may not always be easy but in the end, it’s definitely worth it for you and those around you.



Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment