Mar. 20, 2017


While I was growing up, I used to hear people say so often, "I wish I had more time! I need more time!" Needless to say, I wanted to do everything in my power not to end up as someone who just never had enough time. The only problem was, in trying to force myself to have more time, I realized I didn't have much of it. A strong will is a great thing to have, but it works in some areas of life and it can cause things to go completely chaotic in others. When it comes to time, in order to maximize it, all we have to do is slow down and just enjoy it! It's that simple.


In everything that you do, be mindful and dive into the moment. When was the last time you stopped and truly felt this moment? Let's go a bit deeper! You're in the middle of a work day and a million things are going on and coming at you from every angle. You decide to move with the pace of it all and find yourself struggling to get a moment to yourself. HERE'S WHERE YOU REGAIN THE TRUTH THAT TIME IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! You stop. Stop everything! Step away from all of the tasks, to do lists, deadlines for at least five minutes. From there, you will focus on your breathing and just dive into the moment. Breathe deeply and just be! I always joke with people about being human doings as opposed to human beings. LIFE IS ALL ABOUT BEING AND PRESENCE, NOT ALWAYS PERFORMANCE. The more you take time to be quiet and just breathe, the slower time will move, but more importantly, you will feel like you have more of it. TIME IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN RELATIVE, WHICH MEANS WE CAN HAVE AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE OF IT AS WE WANT. You just have to make a decision on what you're willing to see and consistently tell yourself that you have plenty of it, or in this case realize that TIME IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.

With this advice, here's what I want you to do: refuse to get caught up in things that need to get done. All that you are required to do in this life is live happily and with no regrets. Don't look up one day and realize you let it all get away from you because you didn't make the shift. No matter what lot you have in life, TIME IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE! TIME IS WORKING FOR YOU! You only need to accept that it is and the world transforms right in front of you.



Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment