Feb. 16, 2017

How To Attune With Abundance Instantly

How To Attune With Abundance Instantly
On a recent radio appearance, I stated that abundance is not something that we attract but rather something we attune to, or in this case activate. You’d be in shock when you find out how simple it is to do so. You must always know that you were born to experience every bit of riches this world has to offer. Anything less than that should never be considered at all. When you take the time to practice the abundant nature, changes in your life will occur rapidly. Here’s how:
1. THE MAGNITUDE OF SELF LOVE. The love you have for yourself is so very important when it comes to your abundant vibration. Love is one of the highest form of vibrating energy that we could ever experience. When we embody love, and allow it to resonate through the deepest part of our being, we become an open vessel to all great things life has to offer.
2. IMPACT OF BELIEFS. Your beliefs are like electricity to appliances. They will give you the power you need to function at the highest and most efficient level possible. But it’s essential to keep the right connection to keep the energy and power flowing freely. Simply put, BELIEFS WILL MAKE OR BREAK a life of abundance.
3. ASK YOURSELF THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Do you ever remember a time where you were in a difficult situation, and the first question you asked yourself was “Why me?” When in actuality, when we understand that every experience to make us better people, our question should instead be: “Why not me?” The type of questions you ask yourself will immediately affect your vibration instantly. You decide whether it’s in a positive or negative way. To ensure that your abundance is in an incessant state of flow, you should always ask yourself empowering questions like: "Why am I so grateful, Why do I have everything I need, Why do I attract only great things in my life, why am I so healthy?” When your inner dialogue resembles the aforementioned, you will live in unlimited abundance.
Abundance is meant for each and everyone of us. There is no selective process when it comes to who gets it, and who doesn’t. WE ALL GET IT! It’s just a matter of putting yourself in the right vibration and in the midst of God's (Universe) overflowing, unlimited resources at our disposal.  
Shaun Grant