Feb. 14, 2017


If we take the time to look back on our lives, we often times can see sprinkles or huge doses of greatness throughout. Most times if you look at those accomplishments or evolutions, you will see the trend of REFUSING TO PLAY IT SMALL. You've heard this saying before, but what does it truly mean to each of us. Through my meditation and prayer this morning, I feel like I've found the answer.

1) LET GO OF ALL SELF DOUBT. There's always a time when we experience doubt through any growth or change. But when I found out that it takes just as much energy to doubt as it does to have faith, I was like WTH! So now above all things I choose faith, and so should you! :-)


2) BEAR HUG YOUR SELF WORTH. You made it this far in life, you've had success and more importantly, life hasn't made you quit. THAT MY FRIENDS IS THE MARK OF A CHAMPION! Even if it's subconsciously, you choose to keep living because you feel you are worthy. Step into the mirror and embrace everything about you, because you are worthy of all the best things in life!


3) HOOK UP TO YOUR HIGHER SELF. One of the first things I do every morning is connect to God which immediately connects me to my higher self. When I align to my higher self, confidence and vitality reign supreme in my life. I become fearless and there is clarity in all things. What's most significant is that I DON'T WASTE TIME. Connecting to your higher power is like being in a dark room and then you're able to flip on all of the lights to see places, things and people for what they truly are. If you need to learn how to connect to your higher self, click here.


4) LEAN INTO YOUR FEARS. One of the greatest quotes I ever read was, "WITHIN OUR GREATEST FEAR LIES OUR GREATEST STRENGTH, SO DIVE IN." After a quote like that, there's not much to say other than, run towards what you fear the most. Great liberation lies within the realm of fear.


In conclusion, if we are going to open up our lives to great fulfillment and constant growth, "REFUSING TO PLAY IT SMALL" becomes our first priority. I urge you to challenge yourself each day and find one thing that pushes you out of your comfort zone and into greatness. Cheers!!


Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment