Jan. 11, 2017


Oh yes, the wonderful and amazing concept of auditioning. The job interview of the entertainment industry. As scary as it may sound, in my years of acting and spiritual evolution I have found the element of intuition can be the deciding factor on getting the part or dealing with rejection. Now sure, there are many factors that control whether or not we get the part, but honestly, who cares about all of that? Me, personally, I'm only focused on what I can control and I'm going to share with you an excerpt from my new book: MASTERING THE AUDITION WITH YOUR INTUITION right now.


As an actor, writer and acting coach, the thing I see the most from so many performers during an audition is TOO MUCH PREPARATION. A lot of times actors fear the concept of uncertainty. When I say too much preparation what I mean is trying to control the nature of what is to happen during your five, ten, fifteen minutes of glory. (yes, the audition) What happens to us when we over prepare is we limit our ability to be flexible with what is given to us. Sometimes even getting stuck right in our tracks. Here's a great way to prevent this that ties into the concept of what I'm teaching today. Execute your scene study, analysis, super objectives, character dissection and all of that great stuff but....and this is a huge BUT, LEAVE YOURSELF OPEN TO WHAT THE MOMENT GIVES YOU! That means open your acting instrument to your greatest advocate in life, YOUR INTUITION. Your intuition is connected to your higher self (God self) and has access to everything you could ever need to know. IT SEES ALL, KNOWS ALL AND IS ALL! It works for the highest advancement of you and everyone else involved. WHY NOT USE IT? To show you how this relates to your audition, here's a personal story.


I can remember preparing for one of the biggest roles of my life. I was not about to allow this opportunity to slip through my fingers. I had sought out coaching, advise from my other actor friends and as much theatrical insight that i could find. Yep, I did exactly what I told you not to do in the first paragraph, lol. Anyway, I'm prepared to go in and have a great audition and the moment I sign in and sit down, my inner voice adamantly tells me to do it another way than I had practiced....After developing my intuition (which you can find out how here) I knew it was my higher self talking. Now if I could only get enough time to shut my logical self up enough to listen to WHAT WAS BEING GIVEN IN THE MOMENT, I would be golden! So I take a deep breath and I go into the screen test and as I slate my character the urge becomes even stronger...I CHOSE TO LISTEN!....I finished my audition and there was no reaction..."Thanks Shaun," said the casting director as the director jotted down his notes. Two weeks went by when I finally heard that I had gotten the role even without a callback. When we had the meeting, the director told me this: "WE DECIDED TO GIVE YOU THE ROLE AFTER YOUR FIRST AUDITION BECAUSE WE WERE COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY BY THE CHOICE YOU MADE FOR THE CHARACTER. NO ONE DID ANYTHING CLOSE TO WHAT WE WANTED OTHER THAN YOU...HOW'D YOU DO KNOW?" All i could say was "GUT INSTINCT!" And that was that!


If you want an edge, if you want an inside track to help you to hit things right on the mark, trust what your intuition gives you. ALWAYS LEAVE YOURSELF OPEN TO THE MOMENT AND ALWAYS BE READY FOR THE MAGIC THAT IS GIVEN. When you decide to take the time to develop your inner guidance, you can MASTER THE AUDITION WITH YOUR INTUITION.



Shaun Grant