Jan. 2, 2017


New Year's Eve....The one time where hopes are high, goals are lofty and the pressure is great...I have to admit, for many years I found myself in the same boat. Year after year I set these enormous goals only to finish the year wondering where I might have gone wrong...The truth of the matter is, I never went wrong. I was always right where I needed to be. That's the beauty of all those years....I wanted accomplishments, BUT I NEEDED LESSONS.

We often find that it's our egos that drive us to set pie in the sky aspirations. I'm all for setting a plan, but a plan that can't be adjusted is not a great plan. Our biggest failure in the evolution of our success often comes from being too rigid in our lives. Flexibility has the power to open doors as well as unveil soul purposes. The best way to learn how to be what I call "UNIVERSABLY FLEXIBLE" comes from being able to listen to your heart and go, unwaveringly, wherever it leads you.

So as I sit and watch this spectacular view of the ocean, it reminds me of one thing as I go into 2017. I WANT TO ALWAYS BE IN THE MOMENT AND ENJOY EVERYTHING IT BRINGS EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. That's not just my goal but my intention. Refuse to be fixated on the acquiring of things and focus on the fruitfulness of truly living thankfully and gracefully. From here, you will truly find in 2017, all that you need but all that you desire. FOLLOW WHERE THE DEEPEST PART OF YOUR HEART LEADS YOU, AND THE JOY YOU EXPERIENCE WILL BE IMMENSE.


Shaun Grant
The Vibrational Actor