Dec. 14, 2016




Success is not so much an outer achievement as much as it is an inner victory. The greatest thing about success to your advantage is that it’s solely based on relativity. If you looked closely at your life, I guarantee you would find abundant success from the start of it to where you are right now. Even if you’re not experiencing the success you want, there’s ways to get every bit of it with the following I like to call: THE FAB FIVE AREAS OF SUCCESS! Learning to develop each of these will create success that will at times seem automatic. If you work on nothing else, work on these. These five areas are so important to anything you wish to accomplish in life.


1. A HIGHER VIBRATION. The Universe works in such a way that it will bring you everything that matches your vibration. Your vibration is your divine energy field. In order to reach a certain level of love, success, and abundance, you have to always vibrate on that level. A great way to raise it and keep it high is to laugh, love, have fun, spend time with pets.


2. A HGHLY POSITIVE ATTITUDE. You will not be able to build any type of good relationships without this. Not to mention, this is the reflection of you upon everyone else in the world. Never let your attitude make you miss out on an opportunity! Not to sound cliche’ but your attitude will determine how far you go in life.


3. GIVE FREELY WITHOUT HESITATION. We are all blessed with time, money, and resources. What we must realize most importantly is that all those things are present to our disposal in order for us to make the world a better place. You will notice that when you refuse to worry about how much you give, your time, money, and resources will never run out and eventually overflow.


4. A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SPIRIT. Your Spirit is a part of you that sees everything, hears everything, and knows everything. We may be more aware of it as our intuition. How often do you tap into it? How often do you trust your hunches? How often do you fine tune them? This all comes down to building relationship. Let me be the first to tell you, when the mind, body, heart, and spirit become one your best days are about to unfold!


5.TEACH TO OTHERS ALL THAT YOU’VE LEARNED. Everything you have, everything you have accomplished is meant to be passed along. Everybody is always searching for knowledge, wisdom, techniques etc. It’s our obligation as the loving beings that we are to share our experiences to advance the world. The beauty of this is that when you learn to do this with passion and purpose, your life becomes a blissful fulfillment.