Dec. 12, 2016


I can remember it like it was yesterday. As a young child in one of the many churches that I frequented throughout my life, a pastor would say: "PEOPLE, PLACES OR THINGS COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON, A SEASON OR A LIFETIME." I never truly understood this logic until I reached my late teens. The ony trouble was, how would I know which concept would be the case with each person, place or thing? Then I finally had a revelation about ten years ago. IT'S NOT FOR US TO KNOW. WE ARE CALLED AS HUMAN BEINGS TO GIVE THE BEST OF OURSELVES TO EVERY PERSON AND SITUATION.

So it's like we talked about a few days ago. We are only called to trust the moment and to realize that if anything does change, that change resonates from a higher divine power and is meant to take us to a higher level of soul evolution. So as I say this, what becomes the biggest problem with so many of us today. Well, simply put, we hold onto things longer than we should. A great friend of mine used to tell me all of the time (more like 1000's) "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE SOMETHING THAT'S ONLY MEANT FOR A SEASON, LAST A LIFETIME ?" Now she didn't know it, but what she was really telling me is that its about time that I STEP INTO MY NATURAL DIVINE FLOW. WE ALL HAVE IT. We just have to attune to it by connecting through mindfulness and meditation. Deep down, we are always aware (albeit subconsciously even) of when it's time to let something go. Here's an easier way for you to get to what you need to know.

Ask yourself, preferably when you are in a meditative or receptive state, IS THIS (THAT) IN MY LIFE FOR A REASON, SEASON OR A LIFETIME? Here's what will happen. Depending on how open you are you will receive guidance one of three ways. 1. YOU WILL HAVE AN INNER KNOWING OF YOUR ANSWER. 2. YOU WILL SEE CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER. 3. SOMETHING OR SOMEONE WILL RAPIDLY LEAVE YOUR LIFE. Once you realize what that is, then you will be able to step into your flow and move toward your highest good.



Shaun Grant