Dec. 9, 2016


One of the easiest things to do is to get so caught up in our own lives that we forget why we are truly here, living on this beautiful earth. When I started acting as well as speaking, I can remember being so apprehensive about everything. I would sweat profusely and immediately want to run off stage. When I finally came to the place of being humble enough to ask for guidance, my mentor simplified it just like this: "YOU FOCUS TOO MUCH ON YOURSELF. TAKE THE FOCUS OFF YOURSELF AND PLACE IT ON THE DIVINE TRUTH THAT YOU ARE HERE TO INSPIRE OTHERS." Amazingly enough, it was just that easy. As I pondered this wisdom that revolutionized my career as a performer and speaker, I went even deeper down the rabbit hole. I began to think: "WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I APPLIED THIS WISDOM TO MY LIFE."

Well, the answer is awesome on every level. A few blogs back I discussed the importance of releasing fear and worry. Ok you got me! I said to "PISS ON WORRY AND FEAR!" It's true though. But with what I just shared with you, you take it a step further. You potentially discover so much inner peace because being self centered is no longer an issue. You focus on motivation and inspiration and you find that your own needs are met. Zig Ziglar said it best, "IF YOU WANT TO REALIZE YOUR DREAM, HELP SOMEONE ELSE TO REACH THEIRS." So today I encourage you to focus on inspiring others. Relieve your stress by focusing on helping others solve their issues, or just finding some way to motivate them. As an actor it's amazing what you can do when you're on set. I was fortunate enough to book 3 gigs in the last week and I took every opportunity to meet someone or a few people on set and make it a point to add value to their lives. I succeeded in my mission and I look forward to continuing to do so. You are an amazing, infinite, divine, capable being. I know you have it in you to do the same. When you decide to, GET READY for the excitement and joy that is greater inner peace and happiness to manifest in your life.



Shaun Grant