Nov. 28, 2016


What would our lives be like if we decided to come from a place of COMPLETE DIVINE CREATION as opposed to stiff competition? How much more successful would each of us be if we knew that the big breaks, fulfilling careers, big promotions was inexhaustible? Well, this is completely the case and here's why: THE UNIVERSE IS COMPLETELY UNLIMITED If by some chance you're unaware of this truth, learn to accept it, dwell on it and act on it! AND YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!

I have a story for you. Facebook has completely revolutionized the way we contact people, do business and interact on a professional and personal level. One of my favorite things to do in order to inspire as many people as I can is join different groups that I know could benefit from the wisdom I have to share. I even started my own group: ON HIGHER GROUND. The basis is not to gain business, but to spread awareness of higher vibrational living. The other day I came across a really neat group for actors that I thought would be great to share my experience with. AND THEN I SAW THE STIPULATIONS FOR JOINING (enter shaking my head emoticon) No links, no promotions, no websites, no no no no no! After feeling like I was listening to Megan Trainor's song, I thought to myself: WOW, ARE WE THIS FAR REMOVED FROM THE INFINITE POSSIBILITY THAT IS LIFE ITSELF? ARE WE NOT YET TUNED IN TO THE ABUNDANCE THAT IS AVAILABLE FOR EACH OF US A MILLION TIMES OVER? At that moment, I solidified a vow I made to myself a long time ago. I'LL NEVER COMPETE AGAIN, I'LL JUST CREATE MY ASS OFF AND OFFER WHAT I HAVE TO THE WORLD.

Here's the truth: You never have to compete against anyone. Your divine obligation everyday is to be the VERY BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF WHILE USING YOUR GOD-GIVEN GIFTS! If you can stick with that, success will find you in more ways than one. Never get caught up in competition, rather use it as a reminder that all you have to do in order to win and win big is CREATE CREATE AND CREATE. The rest will take care of itself. 



To your Highest Success

and Divine Fulfillment,


Shaun Grant