Nov. 25, 2016


So, before you go and tell your acting coach to kick rocks!! Let me clarify what I mean by the title of this article. The very first thing I teach my actors is: ALL YOU'RE DOING IS PORTRAYING REAL LIFE ON CAMERA. At the end of the day, you're recreating real life situations. And because we're all human, we have the potential to do so in a truly amazing way! You may have been like me and got into acting because deep down you have a soulful urge to inspire others through creativity and performance. That urge tells me that on a cellular or spiritual level you can act and YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO ACT VERY WELL! I'm going to show you how to get there, but first I'm going to give you an example.

You're working on a feature film set as an extra. You are just excited to be around anything that has to do with film. You are a bright shining light in an aspect of production (extras) that has gotten a bad rap over the years. Needless to say, you're patient, excited and you POSESS A REALLY AWESOME ATTITUDE ABOUT EVERYTHING! You've just finished a scene and a production assistant has pulled you aside and said: "WE REALLY LOVE YOUR ENERGY AND THE JOB YOU'RE DOING, SO WE WANT TO BUMP YOU TO PRINCIPAL." Just like that you have moved up in the ranks. You got your own trailer and your own sides and a person escorting you to and from set. Here's the kicker: THEY DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR RESUME, THEY DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR SCHOOLING OR THE CLASSES YOU'VE TAKEN. It was off of PURE %100 INSTINCT! In every audition, be ready to follow your intuition even if it differs to the text. Use your energy over your technique to convey your objective. Follow your heart, throw technique out the window and GO ALL IN 100% with instinct. YOU WILL ALWAYS SUCCEED!!

There is so much beauty in this scenario! Now, I'm not telling you that you don't need classes or other acting education that helps you work on your craft, because we all do. But at the end of the day, your instinct is what will truly make your performance shine as well as your career. YOUR ENERGY, ATTITUDE AND CARING APPROACH TO PEOPLE WILL DO MORE FOR YOU IN THIS INDUSTRY THAN ANYTHING ELSE. Focus on being as human as possible with every film/TV performance you give. That will give you an uncanny element of realness in each and every role that you play. Don't overprepare but be open to whatever MAGIC THE MOMENT WILL OFFER YOU.

Always be assured that everything you need lies within you. Whatever skillset you need can be provided divinely at the drop of a dime. All you have to do is TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS COMPLETELY! Never look back knowing that you are forever capable of succeeding in this industry because you are already set up to be a success everyday, by simply being YOUR INFINITE, DIVINE, UNLIMITED self. I leave you with this great quote: "IF WE TRULY LOOK INTO THE GREATEST THINGS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN LIFE, THERE IS ALWAYS A LEVEL OF SIMPLICITY. THE UNIVERSE WAS NOT CREATED TO CONFUSE YOU OR MAKE THINGS COMPLEX. IT WAS CREATED TO HELP YOU LIVE YOUR GREATEST LIFE THROUGH YOUR GREATEST PASSIONS AND EVOLVE BACK INTO A SPIRITUALLY SOUND BEING." You're right where you need to be.




Shaun Robert Grant