Nov. 21, 2016


One of the greatest definitions of VISIONARY, that I think, is: A person who sees the ultimate vision for themselves with immense imagination and wisdom. As an actor, performer or entertainer YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE VISIONARY! Your imagination is the catalyst to everything you are primed to make happen for your career. I encourage you to read as many books, articles etc. as you can possibly get your hands on.  The reason I'm sticking to this like bees to honey is because when you begin to see, not only your career but your life as a visionary, obstacles cease to exist. Your obstacles, through renewed perception, become your opportunities. LET'S TAKE A CLOSER LOOK INTO THIS:

It's been months since you've booked anything, what do you do as a visionary? You get a group of your friends together and shoot your own skit, even if it's on your iphone. You're a writer as well and no one seems to be buying into your ideas within the scripts you're creating, what does a visionary do? Call up the local University/Community College Film departments and offer your work to be shot by the film students. You're a TV personality and you just can't seem to get your voice out there. You've got really amazing ideas, but no one will hear you out. As a visionary what do you do? Start your own podcast for FREE at and share all the amazing ideas you haveI think you get the idea of where I'm going with all of this. Your ability to create is YOUR GREATEST ASSET AS A PERFORMER! USE IT AND USE IT AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN! I'll tell you from experience that, eventually, you will evolve into the greatest version of yourself by doing these things, and here's why: 


YOU ALLEVIATE THE DESPARATE ACTOR VIBRATION BY REALIZING THAT YOU CAN BE FULFILLED AND HAPPY EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT BOOKING ANYTHING. Here's the greatest piece of wisdom I give to all actors I come into contact with for PEACE OF MIND, HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS: GET OUT OF THE VIBRATION OF WANTING. WHATEVER YOU WANT MOVES FURTHER AWAY FROM YOU. GET INTO THE VIBRATION OF ALREADY HAVING EVERYTHING YOU NEED, BY GIVING YOUR SOUL EXACTLY WHAT IT NEEDS, CREATION FROM THE HEART, WITH TRUE PURPOSE! The only reason we act is because it fulfills a large part of deeper ourselves as well as bringing us a bliss that can only be achieved by doing what we were put on this earth to do. When we realize this objective, EVERYTHING else will follow. THIS IS UNIVERSAL LAW! Now that you have all that you need to truly be a success and have fulfillment as a performer, make a personal commitment to create from your soul space every day of your life.