Nov. 15, 2016


The other day I wrote a blog post called: PISS ON WORRY AND FEAR! And might I add that I REALLY REALLY REALLY meant what I said. That crap has no place in your life, and all it will do is put you in a place that will hinder your evolution. So here's what I'm going to do for you right now because I refuse to watch you go down in flames. STOP TRUSTING WHAT YOUR EYES SEE AND START TRUSTING WHAT YOUR HEART FEELS!...It's just that simple. Here's why it's simple, everything you see is only an illusion. Physically things can change in a matter of moments. Spirit is the only constant. So when you get attached to physical things you are immediately setting yourself up to....wait for itttt....FAIL!!....Yes, fail! Every single time. It's like this ladies and gentlemen, I'm not a wealthy person because of what is in my bank account, or what's sitting in my driveway, I AM WEALTHY BECAUSE MY SPIRIT IS FILLED WITH UNLIMITED POWER, WISDOM AND PEACE. Here is where your focus should be and always stay. When your attention lives in this place, your physical world will match it right down to every aspect. You will never experience worry a day in your life from that point on.

Here's one last thing I want you to dwell on today. This is really deep! If the Almighty created this infinite, intricate ever intelligent universe, don't you think He (she) can pay your bills? Don't you think He (She) can solve your problems? Don't you think He (She) wants you to behappy? ABSOLUTELY!!! BUTTT, until you take the focus off your physical limitations and place it on your SPIRITUAL MAGNIFICENCE, sadly, you will continue to suffer the fate of 95 % of the people: CHRONIC ILLNESS BASED IN WORRY AND FEAR! I personally want more for you!!! I truly do! So start by believing you can have it.