Nov. 14, 2016


I remember it like it was yesterday on the grounds of my elementary private school in New Orleans. I was nine years old testing my strength against my best buddy Luis. As we pushed our hands together, one powerful object attempting to move the other, I prepared myself to surge as hard as possible. Right at that moment, Luis let go of my hands and SMACK!!...Teeth first right into the asphalt!..OUUUUCCH!!!!! Now you may be wondering where I am going with this story? Well, I'm leading you into an area that always used to feel similar to when my teeth hit the ground, and that area is CHANGE!


Change scared me more than anything else in my life up until a few years ago. I feel like there was a part of me that just wanted life to be easy, comforting and predictable. The only problem is, there's absolutlely no growth when there is no change. And if we truly want to be happy, WE NEED CHANGE! So where do we go from here? WE EMBRACE CHANGE LIKE OUR SWEETHEART COMING IN FOR A BIG OLE BEAR HUG! Anytime on a deeper level, we feel change is about to occur, we can get excited. Here's why you should get excited!


CHANGE IS JUST A WINK FROM GOD (UNIVERSE) that says I've got something greater in store for you, BUTTTT!! (And it's a big one) You have to trust me. You have to have faith and trust the process! How do we do this? Simply, we let go! Know that EVERYTHING WILL ALWAYS WORKOUT. And refuse to let your eyes deceive you! What you see is only one phase of infinite possibilities. Trust your heart and your intuition and you will always be guided to favorable conditions. Change is the catalyst to help you reach those conditions. Refuse to be afraid, refuse to resist, but ask yourself the question: WHAT IS BEING USED FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD IN THIS SITUATION? From there, you will always find what you need to evolve to a higher level of living.


Sooooo, in closing all you need to do is dive in and ride the wave of change so you're able to benefit from it's divinely designed genius. One thing to always be mindful of is that you live in a friendly Universe and you only have to suffer if you choose to. WHAT RESISTS ALWAYS PERSISTS, but WHEN YOU LET GO, YOU EXPERIENCE FLOW!!...CHEERS TO CHANGE AND THE AWESOMELY WONDERFUL THINGS IT CAN DO FOR YOUR LIFE. LET'S FACE IT, YOU DESERVE IT!!!