Nov. 10, 2016


Now, I'm not much of an individual who uses vulgar language, but when it comes down to fear and worry and the affect it has had on all the people in the world today, I get angry and I say PISS ON FEAR AND WORRY!! Tony Robbins used to say cursing is a way of showing your passion. I say as long as it's not directed at anyone, it's actually pretty awesome. Maybe that's why I used to curse my ass off as a little kid...Hahhaa, ok enough with the cursing! A few of the nuns from my private school are actually my friends on facebook. YIKES!! Maybe it's time to rethink that as my voice begins to evolve.


Alrighty, back to the task at hand! Yes the dreaded FEAR AND WORRY. So I'm going to make this as simple as pre-school math: FEAR+WORRY EQUALS A REALLY JACKED UP, STRESSED OUT LIFE! I remember as a child, I used to have grown ups tell me all of the time it's what I had to look forward to. A life filled with stress where the fun goes out the window and you do what you have to, not what you want to...As my twelve year old brain goes into the WHAT THE HELL phase of thinking, all I could truly think about was: JESUS JUST KILL ME NOW! Were we really put on this earth, in this life to JUST GET BY? TO LIVE FEARFULLY? TO LIVE LIKE SOMEONE WHOSE RUNNING FROM A KILLER THROUGH THE WOODS IN A HORROR MOVIE? (Ok, you get the picture) Do we really have to wake up everyday with body parts and muscle groups aching as if we just played an entire NFL game, yet it's only because of emotional stress? This logic just didn't seem right by any standard of living...Especially when it seemed like so many people outside of my circle were living these amazing lives....After searching long and hard, introspectively, for the answers to what seemed to be just a HUGE LIE, I came to the conclusion that it's all a product of fear and worry.

When you take a look at the bible, koran, tao or any spiritual book of wisdom, it promises the keys to a more fulfilling life for anyone who decides to accept and act on its truth that lies within. So with all of this out there, why are people still living sucky lives? ENTER FEAR AND WORRY!! DUN DUN DUN!!!! Yes! Dun Dun Dunnnn is right. For generations upon generations our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents right down to ourselves have been taught that worry is the way. Fear is the way. It's not right if you don't feel a little bit of fear or worry, right? If everything is all good, then surely, SOMETHING IS WRONG!...(GOING BACK TO MY WHAT THE HELL STAGE) Let me explain to you how bad this actually got in my life. I once was in a film with Bruce Willis and had the amazing opportunity to work closely with him and tell him he needed to do another show like Moonlighting really soon! (Kidddiing) No, but honestly he even complemented me on my work. Needless to say, I was beyond excited.  So after I get home that night still riding on cloud nine like the Temptations, I tell someone close to me about everything I experienced and you know what the response was: WELL YOU AIN'T MAKING AS MUCH MONEY AS BRUCE WILLIS, SO WHY SHOULD IT MATTER?...Ouucccch!!!!....As my ego deflates and I fall to the floor like Drake getting shot on his last episode of Degrassi.


After years of inner work, I realized that this can only come from one place: FEAR! Fear that there will never be enough. Fear that one person is making all the money. Fear that there is only one way to live life. Fear that if there is a big high, it's bound to be followed by a huge low. And ultimately, fear based living on every level which leads to worry, which leads to stress, which finally leads to illness. BUTTTTT!!!! THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOU! AS A MATTER OF FACT, THIS NEVER HAS TO BE YOU! EVER EVER EVER EVER ( In my Chris Tucker's voice) And here's how you get there. Prime yourself to only act from a place of love and inspiration. Truly ask yourself, am I acting out of fear and worry, or from a place of love and inspiration? CHOOSE THE LATTER EVERY TIME!


Lastly, this will be the most important part of this article. CHOOSE FAITH AND PEACE!!! Go within and find peace that keeps you calm in all circumstances....The great thing is that this is a DIVINE GIFT, so you can have it at anytime, whenever or wherever! And now FAIIIIITTTTHHH!! Just have faith in a higher power to make sure life will work out to the point of allowing you to enjoy it. LET'S BE REALLY RAW AND REAL!!! THE MOMENT LIFE STOPS WORKING IN YOUR FAVOR IS WHEN IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE...YOU'RE STILL HERE, SO TRY NOT TO DIG YOUR GRAVE EARLY WITHOUT LIVING LIFE TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. YOU'VE GOT ALL OF ETERNITY TO REST, CHOOSE LIFE IN IT'S FULLEST RIGHT NOW! So wherever you find yourself on this yellow brick road, do what you need to in order to lock arms  in love and start skipping to the emerald city. Start by completely PISSING ON FEAR AND WORRY and then EMBRACING FAITH AND PEACE! From here, life evolves into a masterpiece that can be used to inspire others.



Shaun Grant