Nov. 9, 2016



                    Now, if you live in North America then you're probably aware that last night, a new president was elected. Yep, it's truly happening. Donald Trump is the new president of the United States of America. As most of you are still experiencing the WHAT IN THE HELL JUST HAPPENED stage, I'd love to take the time to shed light on what can make this country truly amazing. But.....What I would like you to do first is to get all of the frustration, resentment and fear out of our systems. It's ok, I get it! It's a normal human reaction to things when they don't unfold as we think they should. It's all good :-) Anyway... start with forgiveness, give yourself a swift kick in the ass and know that we have just embarked upon an amazing time to be an American....YES! I just said that!  Call me an optimist or call me crazy, but all things aside, try and find the truth in what I'm about to tell you. BECAUSE EVERYONE DESERVES THE TRUTH AND THE POWER TO MAKE IT WORK FOR THEM! 



A great mentor once told me: "Amidst fear and confusion lie great catalysts for resourcefulness." Spoken like a true jedi master who understands the ways of the force, I thought to myself how does this apply to you and me as Americans? Then it hit me. People rely on the government for so much, to the point where they can potentially become like enabled children. Now this is not to be mean, but it's true. I truly do love Barack Obama, but not one time during his 8 year term did he pay the mortgage on my house? I had to figure that out for myself. Not once did he pay for the 5000 books I read over that time period, or pay for any of the vacations I've taken. Does that make him a bad president? Absolutely NOT! But what it does tell me is that I STILL HAVE TO LIVE MY LIFE regardless of who is in office. WE ALL DO, TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITIES! I still have to make those decisions, I still have to find intuitive ways to remain at peace, I still have to meditate on ways to create a positive impact in my community. ALL OF THIS IS ON ME! NO ONE ELSE! When we understand that none of this changes and we shake free from that crazy, life sinking epidemic called fear, we experience TRUE FREEDOM. The only thing that can ever hold us back, if we allow it to, is our own limiting beliefs and worrisome thinking, not the mayor, not the senate, not even Arnold Schwarzenegger. (in my Arnold voice) Hahaha, I couldn't resist! 



So I leave you with this as you ride off into the sunset or off to your daily obligations. WHO IS GOING TO DECIDE HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE? YOU OR THE GOVERNMENT? WILL YOU BE HELD BACK BY FEAR AND CONFUSION, OR WILL YOU RISE HIGHER THROUGH FAITH, TRUST, PEACE AND STRENGTH? HOW CAN YOU DO BETTER FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY? HOW CAN YOU BE BETTER FOR YOUR COMMUNITY? WHAT'S ONE THING YOU CAN DO TO PROMOTE PEACE INSTEAD OF VIOLENCE? WHAT'S ONE THING YOU CAN DO TO PROMOTE LOVE INSTEAD OF HATE? ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT ALL TYPES OF RACISM? WHAT'S ONE ACTION YOU WILL TAKE TO MAKE YOURSELF AND YOUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN? Let's make a deal! I challenge you to use your social media to make America great again. Instead of watching Tyrone "jump out the porsche" Wild(check 2016 dance moves), watching Manuel stereotype the colloquialisms of his native country,Cool or watching Billy Bob stick his stomach in a fence to see how he can have a six pack,Blink (What can I say I'm an equal opportunist caller outer lol.) we should ask ourselves, how can we uplift and inspire our own community? How can we encourage someone today to be the best version of themselves? If we take this to heart, I guarantee you, no doubt about it, America will be great again.