Aug. 7, 2016


Have you ever wondered what the hardest part of accomplishing something is? Starting...Reason being, if you let it, your mind will give you the opportunity to use as many excuses as possible not to get started. The most significant way to combat this is just to "START WHERE YOU ARE." We can get easily caught up in thinking about all of the things we don't have, but the truth of the matter is that if we can think it, it can happen. If you're thinking it, that assures you that you have everything you need right now to begin. The more you progress, the more resources will become available to you. I remember experiencing this back in 2007. My football career had officially ended and I wanted to get into acting. No headshots, no resume just a passion to perform. I found this add for a student film shooting locally. Immediately my inner voice said GO! I went and I got the role as a police officer. I met a guy who was looking to build his portfolio and did my headshots for free a week later. Then, one of the other people from that production liked what I did so much He used me in his next three films. By the time 3 months had passed, I had headshots, a resume and was equipped to book my first feature film "Vampire's Assistant" starring Josh Hutcherson of the Hunger Games. Needless to say if I did'nt start where I was, none of that would have ever happened. This philosophy has followed me throughout my young life and will continue to do so. Believe in your heart that you are always capable to begin where you are at anytime.

To Abundant peace, love and success