Aug. 3, 2016


As we go full throttle into the eighth month of the year, you can't help but to look back on the things you've learned thus far. One thing that sticks out in my mind, that I made a choice to implement, was releasing my need for approval. As a person who struggled with rejection as a younger man, I find now that my life is full of peace and confidence because I know who I am and the only time I need to prove it is when I am ask to. It's easy to get discouraged when you feel like people don't recognize all that you have to offer in this life, but that's your cue to get creative and prove to yourself that you are very much capable of displaying your gifts in a way that inspires others. Even then, some people still won't like you or favor you the way you think they should. As harsh as it sounds, rejoice in this truth. Don't fall into the trap of people pleasing because it will slowly kill you. They never notice. Every place I've worked at, I feel like has undervalued my skill level, dedication and passion. The first reaction is to get upset, but now I know this is God's way of giving me the outlet to do it on my own. He doesn't want me or you caught under the hand of someone else waiting for them to give you an opportunity to shine or tell you, you are worthy. YOU ARE WORTHY, AMAZING, INSPIRING AND TALENTED! Know that without a doubt right now and that no one has to tell you a thing. It's in your DNA! Before I go today, I want to empower you to let go of your need for approval by saying consistently: "I RELEASE MY NEED FOR APPROVAL." The amount of peace that will come over you will astonish you. Then you will begin to see that you do what you do because you love it and because your passion burns bright. All else fails, know that I APPROVE YOU 120% !! ;-)

To abundant peace, love and success

Shaun Grant