Aug. 1, 2016


There's a rhythm to life that continues to manifest every waking moment. When we are aligned with this rhythm, our lives are in harmony and joy is sure to abound greatly. What about those days when we're not in sync with the beat? What happens then? Well, I'm here to tell you that the universe is such a wonderful loving place that all you have to do is hop right back in the conga line of life when you miss a beat. The beat will always go on, and you can always join the party. Ok enough of these metaphorical references. Lol, what I'm really trying to say is that you're allowed to have less than favorable days. It's a big part of life as well as an enjoyable part. There's awesomeness in these "bad" days because they give us the insight into one of the oldest universal truths around: WHAT GOES UP, MUST COME DOWN AND WHAT GOES DOWN MUST EVENTUALLY COME UP." If you can always be mindful of this truth, you'll keep rolling along in fine fashion. Refuse to look for perfection in your life because it often becomes a set up for failure. Bask within the music of life as it stops, starts, returns to the hook and heads into the instrumental. Remember that it's not meant to be one note, it's meant to have many different levels to allow it to touch the soul. Such as with life! Always remember, " THE BEAT GOES ON."


Peace and Love,

Shaun Grant