Jul. 31, 2016


Lately I've been figuring out the things that make me the happiest. I find that ultimately what it comes down to is the stuff that enriches my soul. It's 5am on a Monday morning and I'm walking to the beach. The air is clear and crisp. The only sound is that of the brisk breeze coming off the rim of the pacific ocean. My heart knows that I am right where I need to be. Life, as society sees it, is a matter of running rigorously toward material things and holding onto them with all your might. At some point, we all reach this time in our lives and it's completely normal, but if we're fortunate, we get to engage in what truly matters most: two things. The first, getting back to my beach experience, is PEACE! Peace is like salt on our food. It makes everything better. A perfect example would be to look at our daily lives and observe our circumstances with peace and the ones without. We often find that without it, a stress avalanche builds until it manifests as physical pain. But when peace is present, everything seems much more relaxed. So do yourself a huge favor, just like me, and find peace in every situation, no matter what it takes. The second is love. If peace is like salt, then love is like pepper, adding spice with the flavor. You add love to anything you take part in and you will find that it will always be an adventure to remember. It's just that simple. My favorite quote has always been for me: "EVERYTHING BEGINS AND ENDS WITH LOVE. IF I CAN REMEMBER THAT, I CAN CONTINUE TO GIVE AND MAKE THE WORLD A GREATER PLACE." Love is the cell phone charger to our "I PHONE" of life! (Or Android, Samsung, or any smartphone lol) I could babble on and on about these two for hours, but I know you catch my drift. PEACE AND LOVE!!! Two things we should always come across whenever we start to FIND WHAT TRULY MATTERS in life.


Peace and love,


Shaun Grant