Jun. 29, 2016


After engaging into this journey with unwavering commitment, the universe has conspired in my favor. My intuitive guidance has shown me this is my soul purpose and when you follow your purpose, everything that you need to succeed will be provided. Whether it's new creativity, new literature, new people that can offer you a hand in some way shape or form. That's the great thing about Spirit. It allows you to see everything before it comes. Whether it's through prayer, meditation or an intuitive nudge, the direction for your highest good will be revealed. One moment at a time is the greatest concept ever created. All that matters is now, right now. Small steps on the right path lead to a road paved with triumph, life lessons and immense growth. I can truly say that the excitement for what's ahead is encapsulating! Follow your heart, follow your dreams, but more importantly, follow your higher self. If you do this, you can't ever go wrong.