Jun. 26, 2016


We live in a day and age where the ability to create the life and the things you want are a  complete reality. When I was in this game a few years back, you had to have someone to give you an opportunity to do what you wanted, but now the option is yours to create it. Some of the greatest investments that  I've ever made was in my camera, studio lights, microphones and editing software. The reason I say this is because we always need to create, act or perform something in front of the camera. It's in our DNA. It's apart of who we are. This is something that's so amazing for all performers because you don't ever need permission to create. You can be your own writer, director, producer as well as actor. Here's one truth I've come to accept and live by: Entrepreneurs are going to rule this world. They will be the ones coming up with the cutting edge concepts that the studios want to buy into. They will be the ones that revolutionize how the entertainment industry works. This brings me to the concept of POWER!! You have what I like to call personal power. Don't wait, don't hesitate, get your message out there. Let the world see your talent & creativity and the impact that you can bring. In day two of my journey, I look back not on the films or tv shows I've booked. I look more on the characters, shows, and productions that I've created myself: NIGHT TRAIN, RING WARRIORS, TRUTH UNVEILED, AFRICAN SUNRISE, THE ACTOR'S AREA, EMPOWER PRODUCTIONS, UPLIFTER ENTERTAINMENT, MAGNOLIA MITCH, BISHOP ROLAND STONE, MUNITION JOHNSON. While I'm excited to work with some of the biggest names in film and television, I know that I can still create when I'm not onset. I used to believe that someone was going to discover me and give me my big break. Now, two days into this journey, I know that I have everything I need within myself to create continuous breaks. With commitment and faith within yourself, the world is yours. OWN IT!