Jun. 25, 2016


I've never truly been into labels. I guess it's because I've always liked to do so many different things.  More importantly, I've had success with all of them whenever I decided to be completely committed.  OUT OF ALL THOSE THINGS, acting has been the biggest love for me. There's a difference though this time around. I used to approach this craft from a very vain perspective. It was mostly about being the best and letting everyone else see me, especially the haters. HA! Spoken like a true 20 something only to look back on how crazy that perspective was. But, that is what evolution is all about. I've shifted in a way that allows me to serve humanity with the gifts that I've been given. I feel that it's not only an honor, but a divine obligation to inspire others with the abilities that come naturally. As I look at my life 10 years later as an entertainer. I re-enter this profession wholeheartedly with a different focus. A focus from the spiritual side of things completely filled with the Divine expression of love. I know now that it is not only my calling, but my privilege to do what I know that I can do best. Most people find it crazy to change course at 35. I just find it challenging as well as inspiring. That's the difference now. I know that I'm no longer competing but rather creating from the standpoint of knowing that I've already won because I can do what I love everyday and motivate someone to be the best version of themselves. THIS, TO ME, is what it means to answer the call! It all comes down to answering the call to acting from a Spiritual jumping point. And now, with all the trust in God and myself, I take a leap of faith into the only certainty that I know I have what it takes to succeed, and succeed greatly.