May. 9, 2016


“The impossible only exists when you’re unaware of your own capabilities within.”
-Shaun Grant

You’d be surprised to know that God (Universe) never intended for the word impossible to exist. We live in a Universe that knows no boundaries and no limits. What has been known to man as “IMPOSSIBLE” is known to God (Universe) as “I AM POSSIBLE.” The test for you is to discover or experience your unlimited nature by raising your vibration in these three ways:

1. RECOGNIZE BELIEFS ARE EMOTIONS. It’s important to recognize beliefs as emotions because emotions create vibrations that formulate inspired action. Look at your life today! It’s a reflection of the dominant emotions you’re dispersing to your own self and the collective consciousness of the Universe. If it’s not what you want, get happy, laugh, play and have fun! The success and joy in your life depends on the vibrations that are created through beliefs.

2. YOU GET WHAT YOU EXPECT, NOT WHAT YOU WANT. Understand that wanting is just a matter of hoping. Hoping can not take you anywhere, because when you hope, you’re not completely assured that what you’re desiring to get will be yours. Doubt can creep in also. When doubt and hope coexists at the same time, nothing can manifest of it. This is where expectancy comes in. Expectancy not only knows something is on its way, but it’s strong enough to release it, let it go, and be patient for it’s arrival in the physical world. Expectancy combines two of the greatest powers of the Universe that eliminate impossibility: faith and trust. You have faith that it’s possible, and you trust that without a doubt, it will show up in your life.

3. RELY ON YOUR OWN GOD GIVEN GREATNESS AND CAPABILITIES. Take a moment to listen to your body. Think about how complex and marvelous your biological operating systems are and you’ll notice that you are a walking miracle every second of each day. The fact that you are a miracle means that you are capable of miracles or in this case, the impossible. You should always recognize that you are the ultimate expression of greatness. Own it, receive it, accept it and expect nothing less but that, and your life will thrive greatly.

Our main goal is to get into a living state of possibility. We are spawns of an almighty, all knowing, all powerful God (Universe). When we realize that we are unlimited beings who inherited those same traits, “IMPOSSIBLE” will cease to exist in every area of our lives, and then “I AM POSSIBLE” will then reign supreme to open up to you things you never could’ve imagined.

By Shaun Grant, Author Of Prosperity Secrets