May. 3, 2016


You've heard the term before: "FINDING YOUR VOICE." What does that mean exactly? What part of your soul does it speak to? What's the first thing your body feels when it comes up? These are all questions that we may have experienced at one time or another. Here is what finding your voice is: " FINDING YOUR TRUTH AND HAVING THE ABILITY TO NOT ONLY VOICE IT, BUT STICK BY IT THROUGH EVERYTHING. Our voice is what comes from the deepest part of our hearts. It brings together our soul with all that is divine. The thing that is nearest, dearest and most important to us is the very thing that helps us find our voice. I encourage you today to never let anyone try to quiet that which sparks the joy that lies within. Be creative, be different, try new things, open yourself up to new experiences. Dream bigger, speak louder and more importantly use your voice to help and inspire others to be greater. This is the true purpose of what it means to find your voice. We are all connected and we are all meant to help each other awaken into the pure divine self that is and always has been our infinite soul.


Shaun Robert Grant