Apr. 25, 2016


We have all been in a position to where we knew that we could be better than what we were doing. We see other people moving forward and accomplishing things that we know deep down we are capable of. So what is it that's stopping us? What is getting in our way? It's the thing I like to call the "COMFORT ZONE." To be comfortable is to experience things that contribute to physical ease and well-being. Although it sounds great in theory, it causes us to become stale. There's no fresh outlook on life, there's no excitement, but more importantly there is no challenge!  Challenge is what helps us grow towards the fulfillment of our destiny. WE MUST HAVE IT!

  So I ask you, what are you doing to get out of your comfort zone? How are you challenging yourself. Who in your life is stretching you to grow into the person you dream of being? This is one of the hardest concepts to talk about, because it's human nature to get cozy right where we are. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are a number of things that you can do to get out of "the daily ease." Contact someone who could bring you potential business, go hand out business cards at a busy lunch location, do your toughest workout this year, write a chapter in the book that you've been wanting to finish. Whatever it is, just do it. Use your willpower to push yourself to a higher level. Don't get so caught up in making money that you forget the real reason why you are on this earth, PURPOSE! When you follow purpose, money will come! Money follows alignment with Spirit. And we get into pure alignment when our soul begins to sing. 

I write this to you today because every great thing that you desire in life depends on you stepping out of your comfort zone. I always like to use the hashtag #risehigher because it encourages me that they're is always room to grow and always room to improve. That is where the magic happens. When you start looking for it, it will show up and seize the opportunity when it comes. If you fail, congratulations! You've gained experience to help yourself and help others from doing the same thing. So you see, getting out of your comfort zone is not just about you. You getting out of your comfort zone is about helping others to do the same. We are all meant for success and greatness, we are all meant to be champions in this life.


Shaun Robert Grant