Apr. 24, 2016


You've done the work, you've put in the time and now you're waiting. Or maybe you don't see any sign at all of a manifestation. We all have been at this point and what's important to realize is this is where we are given two choices: 1) Get disgusted and give up because things aren't moving quick enough. 2) Trust what you've expected all along and be patient in knowing that it will come to fruition. Obviously the second choice is the best, but how do we get to this point? Well one way is to understand all things work together in unison when it comes to manifestation. God is so intelligent that the universe he runs is always in harmony. IT CAN NEVER FAIL! It's always doing what's best for all. This leads me to one of my favorite choices when I'm in a situation that asks for patience. I simply put my focus back on other people and realize that I just have to trust my expectations. Through meditation and prayer God shared with me this valuable nugget of wisdom: "IF YOU CAN THINK IT, IT'S POSSIBLE." Take a moment to dwell on what that truly means. There is unlimited power behind this truth when you adopt it as your dominant belief. In closing, all you have to do is trust what you know is true through introspection and what you've learned in the past. Our Universe works in patterns and cycles as well. Always be aware what season you're in. If you're in a season of spiritual growth, don't be so focused on making money. If you're in a season of making money, don't be focused on research. If you're in a season just to be still, make sure that you're still. As mentioned beforehand, things have to align properly for us to receive our desires in a perfect way that serves us in the highest capacity as well as others.


Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment