Apr. 14, 2016


Everyone has something that makes their heart sing. Something that they were put on this earth for that creates so much excitement it can hardly be contained. This is a concept I like to call "SOULJOY."

We all get 24 hours in a day to make the most of our lives, so what do you think creates a difference between those who possess an abundant amount of souljoy and those who lack it? The ability to do what makes you electrifyingly happy! Society often tells us that we can't do what gives us joy and make a living with it. But when we decide, we can do not only that, but create purpose from it as well. A rule of thumb for me is to decide that anytime someone or a group of people say that something can't be done, it usually means that it's able to be done and done well. You just have to believe and know that you're completely capable of this impending reality. Once you experience the utopia that is "SOULJOY" you will never go back to anything that does not stir your passion into explosive excitement!

Shaun Grant