Apr. 11, 2016


Sometimes along the way we can be guilty of losing our sense of self by attempting to meet our daily needs. But what if I told you, life wasn't meant to be a struggle and you were'nt meant to live a miserable or even mediocre existence. Whether you're religious, spiritual or not, there's a passage from the bible John 10:10 that states: "I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." This truth ultimately suggests that there is no need for struggle. It tells us that we shouldn't have to stand for something that does not correlate to our soul's needs. Then why do we decide to put ourselves through hell on a daily basis when there is so much happiness, joy, abundance and bliss for us? The answer lies directly in the ability to choose what life you live.

My previous job started out as one that was very promising. Eventually when I realized that it wasn't going anywhere, I had to realign myself with my soul and find my power to choose again. My higher self helped me realize that I was surrounded by people who would smile in my face and talk about me and my lifestyle behind my back. I did'nt find this out until I left, but I could feel it everyday I walked into the place. That feeling gave me back my power. It helped me to see the light in myself and break free from the chains of bondage. We all go through this at times in our lives. We put up with stuff we don't have to because we need a paycheck, when in actuality everything will always be provided when you take the leap of faith to be completely true to yourself. It's a big step, but it's definitely worth the reward when you land back on your divine path. So what is it going to take for you to discover the power you need to make the decision and believe wholeheartedly that "FREEDOM IS A CHOICE." Refuse to be held captive, refuse to have your wings clipped, and refuse to be smaller because of other people's insecurities and opinions. A great life awaits you when you choose to be free!


Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment