Apr. 5, 2016


How do you know when you have let go of the things you desire in life? When you can expect something to show up in your life regardless of what you may see now, this is the act of detaching. Have you ever noticed in life, every time you try to take control of something by manipulating the outcome, things usually won’t go the way you planned? So let’s try something different the next time around. First off, understand that God is of Infinite Intelligence and his power not only reaches across the world but across the entire universe. With that being said, you can ask for all that you desire in life and have it come to you in the best way possible if you allow God to choose the channel of manifestation. Secondly, you only have to do your part to make everything you desire manifest in a timely fashion. It starts with focus and a high vibration. As long as you keep these things in the forefront of your heart and mind, you’ll not only manifest what you’re seeking but an unlimited number of great things that enter your life. A story I’d like to share with you dates back a couple years ago. It was before I met my wife. For most of my life, a happy, loving, harmonious, everlasting relationship was by far one of the greatest things I’ve ever desired. At first it seemed as if it would elude me every chance I got close to having one. Something would always happen to derail it. After this happened a few times, I began to look within to see what the issue was that was causing so many unsuccessful attempts. When I realized that I had to become what I wanted to attract, I went back to work on becoming who I wanted in my life. Fast forward to a year later, I met someone else and initially I began to feel like this was what I was looking for, but then things once again started to go south. So what did I do, I forced it! I tried to push a little bit harder to make things work, but to no avail the relationship ended. After a few weeks of contemplating what I had actually learned from it all, I had a light bulb moment. I noticed that instead of me detaching from wanting to affect the outcome, I was doing whatever possible to manipulate it. And that’s when it was revealed to me, that I have to trust what God is doing by letting go and understanding that if something leaves willingly, you let it go. It was only meant to be there for a short period of time in order to provide you with tools you need to be your best. Embrace the great things you experienced with it, but don’t look back because there is always something greater ahead when you detach. Once I met my wife, I knew that this would be my approach. As fate would have it, focusing on being the best person I could be and not worrying about anything else caused this relationship to be the best one I’ve ever had. Not to mention, every time I detached, it felt as if my wife became closer to me. Our love grew at such a rapidly powerful pace that we married just one year after we met each other. When you allow things to take their course and glue yourself to the truth that no matter what, you’ll not only accept but be happy with the outcome, eventually all things will work in your favor. Whatever it may be that your heart thirsts after, know now that it’s possible. Detach with the infallible expectancy that it will show up. Erase all doubt and negativity, and your dreams will consistently show up waiting for you to seize them and make the most of all it brings.


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment