Apr. 4, 2016


Happiness is a feeling meant to be felt by everyone. All we have to do is choose, each and every moment. Will Smith once said, "Greatness is not this esoteric thing that only the special among us can have." The same goes for happiness. It's pretty simple when you think about it. Here are things you can focus on when you want to be organically happy: 1) You should realize that nothing exist outside of now. All there is, is now. No past, no future only the present. That slashes our worries into pieces. If you have breath, you can move your limbs, food and shelter, you can be extremely happy. It's all in the basics! 2) Focus on what brings you joy. What are you passionate about? What makes you laugh? What makes you have fun? All of these things are where you should focus your energies. 3) It's what's inside of you that brings the most happiness. This may initially sound a bit crazy, but don't pay attention to anything outside of you. Reason being is that your inner world determines your outer world. Look within and always focus your intention on being happy. Your outer world will reflect that vibration. Now you can truly see what I mean when I say, "HAPPINESS FOREVER LIES IN THE MOMENT, NOT IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES."


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment