Mar. 8, 2016


Finding God is such a powerful phrase. But to find Him again, in a special way has been lifechanging. If I'm honest with myself, I've continued my belief and relationship with the Almighty but it had'nt been the father-son type dynamic it has been in the past. My life saw the effects of it as well. I looked back on my life, when God was an uncompromising priority and when I put Him on the back burner. The results pale in comparison. The great thing is that he waited until I was ready to rekindle my zest for Him. You can be the most talented, driven, intelligent individual but if there isn't a higher power working with you, it's hard to truly get ahead in life and stay balanced. I've proven it time and time again. When I've taken the time to seek him first, my life has flourished greatly. When I've done it my way, it's been great but it always felt like something was missing.

A simple I love you Lord, I trust you Lord, I hear you Lord, lead me Lord goes so far. This has been my prayer lately and it has done wonders. Acknowledging His love, grace and power has ignited an enthusiasm that has opened doors immediately. Inside, I feel differently. I feel unstoppable. I feel like I have direction because I don't have to worry about direction. I'm being guided by spirit through intuition and divine guidance. Everything is much clearer. No doubt my life has changed and is taking me to a higher level of being. I stand humbled, thankful and in awe of His ever increasing presence in, through and around me. WHAT A TREMENDOUS BLESSING!

Most people are afraid to discuss God, but why? Why is it a problem to discuss a Supreme loving being that wants us all to succeed? Why is it a problem when people mention the name JESUS? A man who lived his life healing and inspiring the fallen and downtrodden of the earth. I know the answer and it comes in THREE PARTS: 1. YOU DENY GOD BECAUSE YOU TRULY DON'T UNDERSTAND HIS NATURE. 2. YOU HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH AN OVERLY RELIGIOUS CHRISTIAN WHO BELIEVES IT'S THEIR WAY OR NO WAY.  3. YOU'VE LOST SOMETHING, SOMEONE OR SOMETHING YOU WANTED DIDN'T HAPPEN AND YOU FELT LIKE GOD LET YOU DOWN.

It can be hard to swallow this pill, but get rid of those blocks and look around you. God is responsible for it all. SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS: LOVE IN CONSTANT ACTION. Because of Him life moves upward, onward towards peace, love, joy and success. That is it. It's that simple to comprehend and it's that simple to embrace. For some time, I did'nt embrace it at all but I'm happy to say that now I have and my life is evolving into the biggest dreams I could have never imagined.


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment