Mar. 8, 2016


When you look at this title, the first thing you think of is David and Goliath. David being so small in stature was up against the mammoth of a man Goliath who was the greatest warrior in the land. As you know, David slayed his "GIANT" and sonn became king and a great warrior in his own right. What an amazing story!

This brings me to our modern day giants. Giants can be any issue that you're facing that sems like it's too big to conquer. It's important to know that God is here to help you find the greatest idea that will move you past your giant in triumphant fashion. You couple God's power with our ability to think creatively and anything becomes possible. Think about the giants in your life and the solutions you haven't thought about yet. GET OUTSIDE THE BOX! DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY! See what happens when you take a different approach to your issues. They won't seem to be that big anymore. It's our obligation to pick them apart, piece by piece to a point where they don't seem as intimidating. SEE THINGS FOR WHAT THEY ARE, NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE! This will be one of the greatest nuggets of wisdom in your life. You have all that you need to "SLAY YOUR GIANTS."



Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment