Mar. 4, 2016


You may have heard the word intention thrown around vaguely, but you should know that it's an important part of your present and your future. Now, that I have your attention, here's why: Goals are definitely great in their own right, but sometimes they can be rigid and we want to be focused on the best possible universal outcome available. Goals focus more on the doing rather than the being. I'm a firm believer in taking action, but sometimes it can get in the way of what's coming to you ready to manifest itself. Here's the point I want to make about intentions. Intentions have a way of helping us accomplish our goals and then some. Because they focus on being and detatchment, the optimal outcome will always present itself at the right time. Intentions will keep us in touch with the right vibrational frequency that will not only accomplish our goals, but bring into our lives more than we could imagine. Convinced yet? The awesome thing is you can write them down each day and feel the impact instantly. Here's an example of a goal and an intention. Which one do you think works better?

GOAL: I am making $100,000 a month to pay all of my bills and live a great life. (Emphasis on doing, which creates a tendency to take excess action)

INTENTION: I see abundance in everything today in all areas of my life in everything I touch, see, feel, receive &experience abundance easily,frequently,&effortlessly. There is no lack or scarcity in any area of my life in all I come into on this day. It all happens in the most safe loving way possible &of accordance to free will of all concerned&by divine will of all concerned! It is so, Amen!!! (Emphasis on being. Allowing the best to come to you by vibrating a certain way.)

Get creative with your intentions and watch the difference it makes in your life. Be patient, enjoy the process!


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment