Mar. 1, 2016



“All of the power you need not only exists in the love of yourself, but in the love of others as well.”

Although self love is of the utmost importance, the love we receive from others is right up there in comparison. Now I’m not saying that we should define everything we believe about ourself based upon the perspective of others, but when that point of view is loving, supportive, and empowering we should allow it to invigorate every bit of awesome power we already possess. Unlimited power is aided by those who exists on an equally high vibration.  I’ve mentioned beforehand that love is the most powerful, life changing force in the universe. Wherever it exists it will push out fear, insecurity and anything else that resonates below its frequency. It grows even stronger when it’s shared amongst people. Here’s a true story to show you what type of impact it can have on human beings. For most of my life I’ve been single and never really experienced what true love was until I met my wife back in 2011. I felt like I was a great person on my own and had so much to offer to this world. I did some phenomenal things in my life, but it always felt like something, or rather someone was missing. Well after I got married, not only did I do things I had only once dreamed about, but I was even more fulfilled because I was able to share them with someone else, my wife. All of this was a result of love, which is not only our greatest power within but also without. So what are you surrounding yourself with? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are you filling your life with the greatest power of all? Take some time to think about all of these questions, if somehow they fall short then do not hesitate to take action to change it! Find the reflection of your biggest dreams within the people in your life. One can be a powerful movement, but several can create an avalanche that opens us up to so much more in life.

Surround yourself with the love of others that takes you to a new level of self discovery. Using this as a daily practice will ensure a consistently high vibration that leads to the accomplishment of your deepest desires.