Feb. 29, 2016


When you become really great at what you do, something happens. You begin to create what we call leverage. Leverage is considered having the upperhand, but more importantly it's about possessing something that many people need. We are often trained to dumb down our ability to stand out. I can remember attending private school and having to wear uniforms to dress the same, had to believe in the same religion, and just about everything else had to be the same. What this does is promote security in our lives, not the freedom that we deserve. No one was made the exact same by the hands of God, not even identical twins. Refuse to fall into this mindless activity. I had a boss once who tried his hardest to get all of us employees to perform at the same level, no more no less. It did'nt take long for me to realize that he was trying to keep us from exercising our ability to leverage our value. Now, this entire article can open up a can of worms, but it's something that everyone needs to know. With this wisdom, I want you to focus on everything that makes you uniquely stand out. Accentuate these things as much as possible whenever you get the chance. Remember to always be bold and confident in who you are because this is how you will get ahead in life. In the most appropriate way possible, say what you feel when it comes to assessing your worth and value. Most importantly, never settle for what people might say you are or worth, challenge it every time even if it means walking away. I encourage you today to think about: "AM I LEVERAGING MYSELF APPROPRIATELY?"


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment