Feb. 26, 2016


It's 3AM and one thing I can't get off my mind is how I'm meant to live for so much more. I immediately go to youtube to find a song that helped me so much during my twenties when I knew I could do better: "MEANT TO LIVE" by Switchfoot.  My vibration goes through the roof as I remember the many trials and tribulations I overcame through such an arduous decade. The same goes for you. The harder the issues, the greater the individual is destined to become. Even while you're going through tough times you must know that there is so much more for you out in this world. I've been reading this book called "THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR" by John Roger for the second time. One thing tht has stood out to me this time around is his view on fear. Roger states that, "Fear is divine power. When we learn to exercise our patience and see the opportunity on the other side of it, our inner power grows immensely as well." What an absolutely profound statement! If we look at our lives, there will always be things that we are afraid of, but when we choose to face them head on, there is no doubt our lives will evolve into a much more fulfilling experience. I am right in this boat with you! And since we're talking about the band Switchfoot, " I DARE YOU TO MOVE."  Get past your fear and live what you were meant for, so much more :-)

All the best,


Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment