Feb. 25, 2016


I used to be one of the first people to tell people that the past wasn't good for anyone. What I was really trying to do is avoid all of the painful experiences I went through. But a profound thing began to happen to me when I became closer to my Higher Power. I was guided back into the past where I would learn lessons that would shape my life into the phenomenal reality it is today. Although it can be rough, all we need to do is ask: "WHAT IS OR WAS THIS EXPERIENCE TRYING TO TEACH ME?" All in all, none of it was meant to kill you but help your soul evolve. We are spiritual beings that have come to this earth to learn divine lessons and share them with the rest of the world. Speaking of sharing, I wanted to share an acronym that you can hold onto for a very long time. P.A.S.T. (PURPOSE AFTER SEEING IT THROUGH) This implies when you've truly understood why something occurred you can use the purpose to your advantage. All the best to you!


Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment