Feb. 23, 2016


Sometimes we find ourselves looking for answers that we've had right in front of our faces for a very long time. Have you recognized that the much awaited solutions to your problems have been at your disposal. It's important that we remember everything going on within our lives is no coincidence. There's a divine reason behind it all, even with the people we see on a daily basis. Learn how to tap your resources that will bestow upon you often times valuable, lifechanging information. One of my biggest lessons to learn was just asking. Asking for wisdom in my spiritual relationship with my higher power, asking my friends for their opinions, even asking strangers for their business was a tactic that exposed me to the wisdom and knowledge that was already present in my life. Do me a favor, look at your life and I want you to ask these three questions:



1. What is the lesson that I need to learn? (because there's always a lesson :-)

2. Who or what can help me find the best solution?

3. Have I exhausted my own resources to get what I need?


Look no further than within your inner circle. A favorite quote of mine is, "You have it within, you have it without, you have it all around you...Just open your eyes and your heart." When you do this, everything you need will find it's way to you.


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment