Feb. 19, 2016


This may be one of the most important messages that I have ever taught. It's something that we must all realize is taking place in our professional as well as interpersonal relationships. Let's set the stage for you. Have you ever had a friendship with an individual that you were really close to, but then before you knew it you guys saw less and less of each other? What about a relationship that was on cloud nine in the beginning only to watch it lose it's sizzle after a short period of time? Maybe, you've had a professional client that just stop coming to you after they were dedicated to your service for some time? Or maybe you were the one that left another person behind?  All of these experiences are contingent upon vibrational matches. Your vibration is the frequency you put out into the universe that resonates on a certain energetic level. Once this frequency is established, it can only attract a match to itself. Hence the term, "Like attracts like!" This goes for things and places as well.

I can remember when I had clients who I thought would be with me for the long haul, that left abruptly without any explanation. At this point, so much can run through your mind. Questions like why, what just happened, is it me? And just so you know, yes, it is you. Something changed within your vibration and that person was no longer an energetic match for you. I share this message with you because the easiest thing to do is resent the hell out of the other person. Here's what we have to always know: YOU WANT PEOPLE TO STAY BECAUSE THEY FEEL DRAWN TO YOU, NOT GUILTY, NOT OBLIGATED...WHEN THEY'RE READY TO GO, LET THEM GO AND WISH THEM WELL :-) This opens the path for people with the same vibration as you to come into your life. 

You should always be aware that nothing in life is ever personal, it's just vibration. So, if this is happening to you or has happened to you, take joy in knowing that energy is in constant motion and ever evolving. What's truly yours and is supposed to be in your sphere of existence will find youin this vast, extraordinary universe we live in.


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment